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Georgie and Craig live here on a farm in Banks Peninsula with their 3 daughters Millie, Bella and Lucy.

Craigs family on both sides have a rich history in Banks Peninsula, predominately in farming in Flea Bay, Duvauchelle, Robinsons Bay and Pigeon Bay. Craig and Georgie’s children are the 7th generation now living here and growing up in Banks Peninsula.

They have owned Pot Pourri for the last 6 years after purchasing it in 2014 from Craigs parents who had it for 27 years before them. Craigs parents grew the business from a tiny shop into the building that it stands in today.

Their oldest daughter Millie works in the store during school holidays and Bella and Lucy are always keen to lend a hand pricing stock and taste testing fudge!! So as you can see it is a family business, now expanding 3 generations.


Georgie loves seeking out new and different products for the store and has a passion to be able to find a vast variety of products to ensure that there is something for everyone in store.

She especially loves Christmas time in store and helping her littlest customers carefully select something special for Mum or Dad, wrapping it up and making it look super fancy, as Georgie says “I just love the look on their wee faces, it is such a magical time and I get a real buzz out of it. I don’t like to rush them when they come in with their hard earned coins and I like to make a bit of a fuss so they leave feeling thrilled with their purchase. I used to be a pre-school teacher a few moons ago, so I think that always comes back to me”

Craig spends most of his time on the farm these days but gets called into the store from time to time to make fudge, yes Craig is a dab hand at making their famous delicious fudge a skill he learnt from his father!

When the Rhodes family aren’t in store you can more than likely find them out of the water waterskiing and buzzing around the beautiful Peninsula bays. They all love getting out on the boat with friends, spotting Hectors Dolphins and exploring the stunning harbour here in Akaroa.

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