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  • Where is the fudge made?
    Our delicious fudge is lovingly made onsite in our kitchen at Pot Pourri in Akaroa.
  • How long will the Fudge last?
    Our fudge has a 6 week shelf life, but honestly who is going to wait 6 weeks to eat it!!
  • Do I need to keep it in the fridge?
    Noooooooo! The fridge can dry the fudge out. So in an air tight container out of the sun is perfect.
  • Can I send fudge or take fudge overseas?
    YES – because is a cooked product and made in a commercial kitchen it is absolutely fine to send overseas.
  • Is the fudge gluten free?
    Yes the majority of the fudge is gluten free but sometimes we add biscuits to fudges eg cookies and cream. All of our fudge is made in the same kettle and we use the same utensils so it is not recommend for anyone who is Coeliac.
  • Is the fudge Vegan?
    No sorry unfortunately it is loaded with butter and cream.
  • Is there a diary free option?
    Yes our Nougat is dairy free but again not vegan as it contains egg white.
  • What base ingredients are used in the fudge?
    Sugar, water, butter, corn syrup solids, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel, lecithin [an emulsifier]), brown sugar, non fat dry milk solids, cream powder, sorbitol, salt, natural and artificial flavours. *Chocolate also contains: cocoa, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soya lecithin [an emulsifier].
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